Respecting privacy and satisfaction is part of our commitment to our clients. We respect your personal details and abide by privacy laws to protect your

Card credit numbers and other payment information

All payment information will be stored and processed using our secure
server, Pay Pal.  In order to pay, our customers are directed to Pay Pal suppliers web pages, where they will provide the required information. After finishing the payment on PayPal, the customer is auto-redirected to our site.

E-mail addresses

We are fully aware of any inconviniences caused by unwanted e-mail. That is why we commit ourselves not to provide, sell or transfer e-mail addresses to anyone. Our customers will receive e-mails concerning their specific transactions. Our policy involves only using our e-mail customers to communicate directly with them.

Other  personal data

Names, postal or electronic addresses as well as any other personal data supplied by our customers will only be used to ship any goods or otherwise contact our customers in relation to that, and they will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.